Jackson® Professional Tools

You’ll notice the difference in the quality of Jackson® professional tools, which are crafted in the U.S. using only heavy-duty materials.

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Shovels & Scoops
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  • Transfer Shovels

    Transfer Shovels

    Sand, soil, or debris -- Jackson® transfer shovels can move it all. Our consumer and commercial transfer shovels are perfect for moving loose garden material, sand, top soil, and more. Versatile use includes shaping beds, mixing concrete, and leveling off areas such as driveways.

  • Specialty Shovels

    Specialty Shovels

    Need the perfect shovel for a specific project? Jackson® consumer and industrial grade specialty shovels are perfect for unique yardwork and construction applications. Browse square point shovels for moving asphalt, ditch shovels for drainage, and more.

  • Spades


    Dig deeper with Jackson® spades. Our signature spade design is ideal for digging narrow trenches, clearing out ditches, and planting trees and shrubs. No landscape job is too large for our industry leading drain, speciality, and garden spades.

  • Digging Shovels

    Digging Shovels

    Jackson® digging and round point shovels are built to bear the toughest conditions. Choose from short and long handle digging shovels for commercial and consumer use.

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