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Ames Sustainability

We strive to be a socially responsible company and we are continually working to improve our products and the entire company. Read about some of our current company initiatives.


Ames Sustainability
Since 2008, thanks to an increased and on-going recycling and sustainability focus and efforts to reduce our carbon footprint Ames has saved the following:
Over 33,628 trees
Over 169 acres of trees
Over 284,173 cubic yards of landfill
Over 950,972 gallons of water
Over 304,979 gallons of oil
Equivalent of removing over 901 cars from the road for a year

Sustainability Index
Ames fosters a culture of continuous improvement. That culture coupled with our stewardship of the environment has guided us toward measuring and reducing our environmental footprint. Through our associates efforts’ we strive to reduce our impact on the world we live in. Our sustainability index is the first step in understanding and reducing our effect on our world.


                           Sustainability Index
Emissions (kg CO2/unit) Solid Waste (LBS/unit) Water Use (gal/unit)
 2010     2011  2010     2011  2010    2011
Manufacturing 0.958     0.801 0.053     0.020 0.380    0.140
Logistics 0.083     0.113 0.003     0.002 0.023    0.033
Wood Mills 0.948     0.827 0.033     0.044 0.102    0.089
Percent Reduction        12.5%         25.8%     48.1%




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