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The benefits of American manufacturing are threefold: it gives us the control to produce a higher quality product, it creates jobs in our local communities, and it gives us a sense of satisfaction. Jackson’s commitment to manufacturing tools in the USA is a testament to the values that our company holds—to support and empower the American workforce.

A Legacy of American Manufacturing
Jackson® tools helped build a nation

When we think about the spirit of America, we picture hard work, determination and strength. Since our inception in 1876, our commitment to offering American-made products has remained unwavering and uncompromised because we stand by our promise to deliver reliable tools that have been proven to improve the job of hard-working Americans.

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As America Grew, We Grew.

And We’re Still Going Strong…
U.S. Manufacturing, service & distribution

Jackson’s humble beginnings and prosperous growth is a prime example of the opportunities that are possible in this great nation. Our founder’s background in manufacturing gave him the basis for launching his own company, but the vision and drive were really what made Jackson® into what it is today. We consider it our responsibility and our privilege to manufacture our tools in the USA. Our distribution and customer service centers are also right here on American soil. And we have no plans to change that.

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So Much So, We Have A Global Reach Today.

But Don’t you worry…
A Global company with American Roots

As a global company, we do buy some components and materials from valued global supply partners from around the world. Our international strategic partnerships and far-reaching facilities allow us to share our amazing tools well beyond our borders, while we continue to design, engineer, and make products right here in the U.S.

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We Never Forget Where We Came From.

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